Website Design

I have been designing and building websites and advanced web applications since 1995. I enjoy creating an online experience that is easy to use and looks good.

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Photography has been a passion of mine since high school. More recently I have enjoyed the technology that allows me to create stunning images that can be used many different ways.

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Mountain Bike Skills

BMX and Mountain Biking are my favorite activities. I have been riding BMX since 1980 and Mountain Biking since 1987. Today I still ride and I hold skills clinics to help teach beginner and intermediate mountain bikers how to have more fun on a bicycle.

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Being creative and analytical is an interesting place to be

When I was a child I used to draw pictures all the time. I loved drawing and in high school, I took a few art classes and later photography. My strengths were also in mathematics, science, and computers. I took my first computer programming class in 84 learning Basic.

This grouping of talents was sort of odd at the time. I struggled to get good grades in history, English, writing, and so on, but was an A student in math, science, art, photography, computers, and so on. Today it all comes together quite nicely because I can combine my talents and do wonderful work.

I finally decided to go out on my own and market my skills to people like yourself because having worked for other people and companies all my life, I never quite felt like I could be who I really wanted to be and leverage my talents to their fullest extent.


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